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Do You Have a Kindness Policy?

Where is diversity on your agenda? At the heart of how you do what you do? Buried in a pile of risk assessments in compliance? On the 'Can't see the ROI' list? Two big reasons to give this some thought are just around the corner. Firstly, the introduction of sex ... Read more »

Eco Fund: Reinvesting in our Environment

It doesn’t seem like eight years ago that we stopped issuing free carrier bags in our food stores. The Channel Islands very much led the way on this environmental initiative and since then, we have reduced the use of single use carrier bags from 17 million in 2008, to ... Read more »

United by Our Differences, A Society for All

To whom do we owe dignity, respect and fairness? As the community retailer, we take our role in daily life seriously. Making a real difference to the communities we serve is our primary purpose. But what does that mean? Well, it means lots of things. First and foremost it means ... Read more »

A Rewarding Night to Remember

Triumph, adversity, creativity, honesty and compassion. Last year we had a lot of everything. Some of the highlights include: We successfully diversified into community pharmacy creating a platform for future growth We created Co-operative Medical Care a new and disruptive model for patient focussed health care at an affordable price ... Read more »