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Wheels of Change: The Jersey Bike Cooperative

The Cooperative belongs, in a concrete way, to every Member. We all have a stake in the success of the Society, and the people who are part of it. We made a commitment to each of those who were facing redundancy last year to help them into other roles either ... Read more »

Farm to Fork – Creating the Connections

It’s a shame that many children in our local community can’t experience a garden, let alone get their hands and knees dirty on a farm. We are proud to be helping to put this right. These days, our local growers are enjoying a much more informed consumer, one ... Read more »

Variety Star Of the Year Awards 2015

One of the biggest privileges I have had in my time as CEO of your co-operative has been to work alongside Sandra Auckland in supporting the Variety Star of the Year Awards. We have been there from the start and the incredible event is now in its sixth year. We ... Read more »

Rethinking Health and Education

Health and education are arguably the two most important pillars of our community. Education, at its best, nourishes identity, ambition and aspiration whilst excellent Healthcare is vital for maintaining a productive and happy population. The question is whether government is best placed to deliver the key components of these foundations ... Read more »

Do You Have a Kindness Policy?

Where is diversity on your agenda? At the heart of how you do what you do? Buried in a pile of risk assessments in compliance? On the 'Can't see the ROI' list? Two big reasons to give this some thought are just around the corner. Firstly, the introduction of sex ... Read more »