No More Boring Veg: Introducing the Goodness Gang


As a father of two young boys I have spent many a mealtime watching vegetables being flicked around a plate to wails of ‘Why do I have to eat these Dad, they’re boring!’

Ask your kids what they like, or find fun and chances are vegetables don’t feature high up on the list. Protests from parents of “it’s good for you!” doesn’t really cut it for a 5-year-old with a stubborn vendetta against broccoli. Every parent knows the struggle and importance of trying to get children to eat well – so how do we make sure they do?

I think the answer is right there, in the word ‘fun’. We all know the health benefits of getting our 5-a-day, from being an excellent source of fibre and antioxidants to reducing the risk of heart disease, stroke and certain cancers to name a few, but how do we make it fun for kids to ‘eat the rainbow’?


Let me introduce you to the Goodness Gang. For every £10 you spend at the Co-operative, you’ll get a sticker. Collect 20 stickers, and you’ll get one member of the Goodness Gang to take home for just £1.00. As the name suggests there’s a whole group of them, from Alfie Aubergine to Sophie Strawberry. This is our way of communicating health and nutrition to kids, and hoping that we can help make the healthy choice seem a bit more, well, fun.

Harris and I like Bobby Broccoli best, whilst Lewis is more of a Ben Banana man…

The offer will be running until 21st August, don’t miss out!

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