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Belonging is Everything: Rewarding and recognising the Co-operative way

Each year I look forward to the Society’s Annual Rewards and Recognition Awards event as this for me is the standout event in our corporate calendar. ... Read more »


It’s unsurprising that Iceland have chosen not to compare their prices with Marks and Spencer, Morrisons or Checkers. Given they are all under the same ownership locally, that would be like siding against your brother. ... Read more »

What Are We Actually Scared Of? By Donna Abel

It gives me great pleasure to welcome my colleague and first guest blogger Donna Abel, our Chief Human Resources Officer here at The Channel Islands Co-operative Society to my site. I hope you find Donna’s blog as pertinent and as touching as I do. Best wishes, Colin A problem ... Read more »

Co-operative Eco Fund - Alderney Wildlife Trust

We’re not the only ones to call the Channel Islands our home. We share the pleasure of these beautiful islands with a wide array of bird species. Whether they’re seasonal visitors or established locals, all birds that flock to Alderney’s rocky shores are cared for by Alderney’ ... Read more »

Pride in our People

I was hugely proud to see that a number of my colleagues really do go that ‘extra mile’ and have been deservedly nominated as finalists in the Customer Service category in the prestigious Pride of Guernsey and Pride of Jersey Awards. Pride of Guernsey Customer Service of the Year Award ... Read more »