The Most Important Battles

The Most Important Battles

There is a very real concern that the mental health crisis may actually cause more damage than Coronavirus. In his 1972 book ‘If you see Buddha on the Road, Kill Him’, Sheldon Kopp shared conclusions from his career as a psychotherapist. His advice was often provocative, sometimes dark, but always considered. It was what he had seen.

Whilst our communities are being bombarded with Mental Health advice, much of this focuses on fresh air, exercise and eating well. And connecting with friends – albeit virtually. All important. All correct.

However, before anyone can move forward, there has to be an acceptance that there is a problem. To get to where you are going, you first need to know where you are. And it’s ok to not be ok.

And if you’re not ok, go easy on yourself. As Kopp concluded, ‘learn to forgive yourself, again and again and again.’ Only then can you choose to be a survivor. Not a victim.

So, if you are suffering, or know someone who is, start with forgiveness. Then make yourself available. Be positive. And help.

As Kopp learned, ‘The most important battles are waged within the self.’

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