Co-operative Eco Fund - Alderney Wildlife Trust


We’re not the only ones to call the Channel Islands our home. We share the pleasure of these beautiful islands with a wide array of bird species. Whether they’re seasonal visitors or established locals, all birds that flock to Alderney’s rocky shores are cared for by Alderney’s Wildlife Trust. But being able to observe these special birds in their natural habitat without disturbing them is a challenge.

The Alderney Wildlife Trust were one of our successful applicants of The 2017 Eco Fund and more than £1,000 was donated so they could buy a new telescope which would improve the accuracy of their work to monitor seabirds in the Channel Islands.

The Eco Fund first launched in 2008 when your Society led the way in recycling by levying a 5p charge on one trip carrier bags, in an attempt to reduce the number used, and the funds raised from this initiative have been used to support environmental projects across the Islands ever since.

Claire Thorpe, people and wildlife officer at The Alderney Wildlife Trust said.

“…Thanks to the Channel Islands Co-operative Society for generously giving us the money to purchase a new telescope, we will also be able work with the new Alderney Bird Observatory to watch for rare migrant seabirds and can inform people when these are spotted…”


Now that really is making a difference.


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