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Your New En Route St Sampson’s: A Shop For How We Live Now

Our shop of choice should fit around our lives – not the other way round. As more and more of us turn away from the weekly shop, an affordable shop to visit a few times a week is becoming an essential. As we all get busier, our free time is becoming ... Read more »

Farm to Fork – Creating the Connections

It’s a shame that many children in our local community can’t experience a garden, let alone get their hands and knees dirty on a farm. We are proud to be helping to put this right. These days, our local growers are enjoying a much more informed consumer, one ... Read more »

The Architecture of Innovation

Creating Opportunities and Innovation in Our Communities Typically, only the big guns with their big budgets can afford the level of innovation that would get noticed on an international scale. So, when we found out that our new Grouville Locale had been shortlisted by the IGD for Innovative Store of ... Read more »

Do You Have a Kindness Policy?

Where is diversity on your agenda? At the heart of how you do what you do? Buried in a pile of risk assessments in compliance? On the 'Can't see the ROI' list? Two big reasons to give this some thought are just around the corner. Firstly, the introduction of sex ... Read more »

All Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

![alt](/content/images/2014/12/Screen-Shot-2014-12-19-at-12-40-49.png) When you are only three years old, things you’re really excited about seem to take forever to arrive. And Lewis, my youngest son, is a perfect example of this. It seemed to him that he had to wait years to turn four, ... Read more »