Eco Fund: Reinvesting in our Environment


It doesn’t seem like eight years ago that we stopped issuing free carrier bags in our food stores. The Channel Islands very much led the way on this environmental initiative and since then, we have reduced the use of single use carrier bags from 17 million in 2008, to around 2 million today!

The Society, unlike many other retailers, pledged to reinvest the savings from this dramatic reduction in carrier bag usage to support local projects that will benefit the environment. Projects that would make a difference in our community. We established Eco Fund. So far, it has given around £294,000 to deserving projects.

Applications for this year are now open, and we welcome the opportunity to support any project that focusses on the environment.

Here are some examples of successful projects in 2014 Guernsey:

• Notre Dame Du Rosaire Primary School Sensory Garden

• St Saviours Community Centre Garden Project

• La Societe Guernesiaise

altSt Saviours Community Centre Garden Project


• Shore Thing Schools Training

• Jersey Mencap - The Pond Project

• St Saviours Parish in Bloom Woodland Conservation

• St Clement Natural Churchyard

• Jersey Seasearch Maerl Survey

• Rejuvenate La Mare Planting in St Clement

• Jersey Bat and Woodland Group

altJersey Mencap - The Pond Project

altSt Clement Natural Churchyard

Eco Fund application forms are available on our website:

Please submit your application to:

Julie Le Cornu
Co-operative House
57 Don Street
St Helier

Or you can email by Thursday 16th July 2015.

We would love to help you make a difference.

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