Wheels of Change: The Jersey Bike Cooperative


The Cooperative belongs, in a concrete way, to every Member. We all have a stake in the success of the Society, and the people who are part of it.

We made a commitment to each of those who were facing redundancy last year to help them into other roles either within or outside of the Society if that’s what they wanted. I’m proud to say that of those made redundant, all 91 have either taken new roles in the Society, started their retirement or have found new positions elsewhere.

This is how it works in the Society. And I’d like to share a story with you which shows these values in action.

Shaun Crowther, a qualified bike mechanic, and Matt de Gouveia were employed at Total Sport until it closed in the summer. They wanted to set up a bike store - but they wanted to do it differently.

Shaun and Matt wanted to set up a family friendly bike store, operating as a workers’ cooperative.


Their ideas were all in place - we just provided the support to set up. Working together, we’ve enabled Shawn and Matt to provide a much-needed service in Jersey, the way they wanted to do it. I’m pleased to say that on the 30th October, The Jersey Bike Cooperative opened in St Peter, Jersey.

It’s empowering when a business belongs to the people who work there. At the Jersey Bike Cooperative, all of the staff have a say in how the business is operated. Dividends are divided between everyone. They own it.

Shaun and Matt have now realised their dream of providing Jersey with affordable bikes, clothing and accessories for all the family. At the Jersey Bike Cooperative, kids can get their first bikes, and the pros can get their thoroughbreds, all under one roof.

Be sure to visit The Jersey Bike Cooperative or visit www.coopbikes.com to find out more about Shawn and Matt’s business.

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