This sea of curiosity greeted me in Jersey’s Royal Court recently. I was asked to present to a group of A Level students about the careers that were available to them on our islands. And, specifically, obviously, retail careers.

Dispelling the myth that retail is about shelf filling and checkout operation, we had a conversation about retail being the glue that holds neighbourhoods together. Connecting people as they go about their daily lives. Acting as a lifeline for those that can't travel or aren't mobile. Feeding us, keeping us well, putting fuel in our cars, sending our parcels.

We sell picnics in the park, we sell families sitting around a table discussing their day, we sell celebrations. We are there, at all of life's events.

We offer hundreds of careers beyond the stereotypical. Yes, I've worked a checkout. It's a brilliant way of meeting people. And yes, I've filled shelves. Paid exercise! But, by following a passion, not a pay cheque, I've had a career that has enriched me, and allowed me to be part of a business that has a purpose to enrich others.

Just don't tell everyone. The sheer diversity of careers in retail is best kept a secret.