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Why are we here?

Don’t worry! The question isn't as deep as it sounds. This is about your Co-op and the reason for our existence. The answer is simple: To serve our members. That’s it, nothing else. How do we do it? By listening to you, by returning the surpluses you help ... Read more »

Use Your Head

Use Your Head: Then Your Heart Being ethical in business is about being good at business and good in the way you do business. If they are to be sustainable and competitive sometimes businesses have to make difficult choices. These decisions through necessity are made on the facts, or made ... Read more »

Warehousing operations to move to the UK: Putting the strategy in context

We announced last week that The Society intends to move its food warehousing, in both Jersey and Guernsey, to a Co-operative Group distribution centre in Andover, near Southampton in the UK. Understandably, this news has generated a lot of comment. Several members have contacted me with specific questions, and as ... Read more »