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Sticky Money

Our Co-op Keeps Wealth Locally: Sticky Money Like me, if you have grown up in the Channel Islands, you might take it for granted that one of your favourite retail chains is locally owned. Most retailers in parts of France or the UK are owned through complex, distant chains that ... Read more »

Our Policy on Local Sourcing

In response to some members’ questions over the last few days, I thought it would be useful to clarify the Society's policy on local sourcing. Contrary to some speculation, let me firstly state that the proposal to consolidate our food warehousing in the UK will have no impact whatsoever on ... Read more »

En Route to more convenience in Guernsey

We are all very excited about our new En Route in Guernsey at the old GT Cars site. It’s great to have another Guernsey store in the pipeline, particularly as our members are so excited about the new Locale that is being developed in Grouville in Jersey. The new ... Read more »